“Birds of Paradise in Spring 2014”

Posted on December 12, 2013

Continuing the popular trend throughout the whole year – animal prints on all kinds of clothing in fashion and sports fashion - at the end of 2013 the attention has moved to a particular group of feathery animals, the BIRDS OF PARADISE!!!

The trend gained even more popularity after the most glamorous fashion show of the year aired this week. Of course, we are talking about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. On the sparkling runway, one of the most fascinating segments presented to viewers all around the world was “Birds of Paradise”.

So, dear Radii family, don’t you worry. Radii Footwear, as usual, keeps up with it all. And we are excited to say that you will be able to enjoy Birds of Paradise as prints in three options on two of the models in our Spring 2014 collection.

Check out our teaser pic below - Birds of Paradise print on white nylon ripstop. Now who's feeling the BOP color? wink